"Very authentic and yet progressive guitar playing, but the surprise is how strong the songwriting and lyrics are and how heartfelt the vocals are. They always pull me into the track. Very few guitar slingers have this combination - in Tiho's case, it's just right!"

- John Kurzweg

Multi-Platinum Record Producer (Creed, Puddle of Mudd)

A Bulgarian immigrant in America, Tiho Dimitrov takes on the blues in a new way. With an unlikely name in the blues/rock scene in New Mexico, Dimitrov has worked extra hard to pay his dues and earn a reputation as one of the state’s well-regarded blues/rock artists. Rather than trying to emulate traditional American blues records, Tiho’s music takes on different shades of blue. Integrating rock and more melodic compositions, echoing back to his European roots and his generation of musicians, Dimitrov’s debut album reveals a musician coming into his own.

Slowly, but steadily he has been making a name for himself in the region and beyond. Past and recent accolades include a 2012 award from the New Mexico Music Awards in the BEST BLUES category, and winner of the 2012 Battle of the Blues by Guitar Center & Ernie Ball for New Mexico. In 2013, Tiho placed in the top 80 from more than 2,500 bands from all over the world competing in the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival contest for the chance to play at Madison Square Garden at Eric’s event. In 2014, Tiho's song "Messed Up World" won the New Mexico Music Awards for "Best Blues". Winner of Best BLUES musical production category at the 2015 New Mexico Music Awards, nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Production in 2017, and nominated for Best Blues in 2018 and 2019.

Dimitrov has performed at the New Mexico State Fair, New Mexico’s Blues under the Stars Series, The New Mexico Music Awards, the Santa Fe Bandstand, and the International Balloon Fiesta, as well as many of the local venues.  He has made appearances as a guest in Guitar Shorty’s band on a couple of occasions and played in Soulman Sam’s band for a short period, including a two- night event with legendary saxophonist Bobby Keys. Other notable collaborations include touring and co-writing with Grammy-winning Native American singer Star Nayea, guest appearances with Larry Mitchell, John Kurzweg, Felecia Ford, Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy, Jono Manson, and keybord player Brant Leeper, who is also a close friend and co-producer of some of the songs on Dimitrov’s album. Another notable musician, who Dimitrov has had the honor of featuring on his record is saxophonist/flute player Horace Alexander Young. 

Awards & Recognition:

2012 NMMA Best Blues

2012 Ernie Ball Battle of The Blues State Level

2014 NMMA Best Blues

2015 NMMA Best Blues

2017 NMMA Nomination for Best Adult Contemporary

2018 NMMA Nomination for Best Blues

2018 Winner International Music Video Underground Awards

2019 NMMA Nomination for Best Blues & Rock categories

2019 Winner of NMMA Best Video